Myriad Marketing
Marketing and Communication Strategies for Financial Service Firms & Non-Profits

Business Development
"A strong marketing program was a valuable factor when Ziner & Company sought and successfully negotiated a buy-out from American Express Tax and Business Services."
- Ziner & Company, PC

WHERE ARE YOU TODAY? WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THE FUTURE? Firms that are thriving are using the latest technologies to see where markets are going, not where they were! Market research is the catalyst to offering more lucrative services and new markets.

MYRIAD MARKETING IDENTIFIES NEW PROSPECTS within your niche and finds ways to connect you to them. We leverage tools, such as thought leadership, sales collateral, events, tickets and other activities to build and deepen relationships with clients and prospects.

Providing you with marketing research and planning to help grow revenue with existing clients and develop new ones.

  • Integrated marketing strategy and execution.
  • Market Research.
  • Analyze trends and emerging new markets.
  • Client retention/lifetime value calculations.
  • Client relationship management (CRM).
  • Proposal template design (RFP).  
  • Database design and management.
  • Sales support - direct mail, newsletters, lead tracking and qualifying, sales literature and promotions.
  • Lead generation and conversion to client.
  • Employee professional development training.

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