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Public Relations

"Kathie's talents were invaluable as we tried to gain more internal control over the image presented in our advertising campaigns and public relations. I have been particularly impressed with Kathie's ability to work under a variety of pressures. She is able to produce fine work under extremely tight deadlines, and has shown patience and fortitude in dealing with difficult staff. She is skilled and flexible, and has both  the humor and integrity to make her a fine addition to any team."
- Notre Dame College

MEDIA MARKETING KNOWS ABOUT PUBLICITY and how to match opportunities in the media with your firm’s activities. A good public relations campaign yields visibility and access to those in a position to increase your business, but more importantly it can broaden your credibility enormously. A third-party endorsement from an editor is a powerful statement about your knowledge and skills! Plus, online articles will boost traffic to your website and increase your standing with search engines.

Optimize your publicity - be in the forefront of your industry, build prominence, and increase visibility.

  • Writing/editing - feature news coverage, technology-related articles for publication, press releases, advertorials, newsletters, white papers, customer case studies and testimonials, product capability flyers.
  • Social Media - Inbound Marketing
  • Media research - demographics, readership.
  • Press kits
  • Public Speaking.
  • Media relationships with editors, speaker's bureaus and associations. 
  • Event management.



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